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If you want to learn more about using Binocs, you’ve come to the right place. Binocs is the easiest way for you and your organization to align demand and capacity, and the Binocs guide can help you get started.

The Binocs basics

As a team leader, demand manager or resource manager, you’ll use Binocs for resource planning within your organization.

The organization provides the resource capacity. This capacity is needed to fulfill work demand.

As a demand manager, you specify the demand for different teams within the organization.

As a team leader you specify the list of services that your team is capable to perform. All services from all teams form a catalog with the organization’s capabilities.

Demand managers will choose from this catalog to express demand in an unambiguous way: “I will need service X from team Y by a certain due date.

As a resource manager, you can overview how your teams are loaded.

As a team leader, demand manager or resource manager, you will analyze whether the teams in the organization are capable to execute demanded services within the given resource capacity constraints and demand requirements. And if not, you will collaboratively find a solution by analyzing different scenarios.

And to evaluate to which extend the resource planning were effective, team leaders and demand managers will track progress using the worklist or the demand details.

That’s Binocs.

All concentrated in 3 roles:

  • The team leader
  • The demand manager
  • The resource manager

and 6 processes:

Binocs in 6 processes