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The dashboard gives a first glance for an analysis

Which data is used?

  • Baseline or Scenario: Default the dashboard shows the published analysis on the baseline. By clicking baseline you can select another scenario to view the dashboard scenario.

click baseline and select scenario

  • Analysis: Default the latest published analysis will be used for the dashboard. By clicking analysis from you can select another analysis.

click analysis and select another analysis

  • Team or group of teams: Depending on your user rights you view the dashboard from a perspective of the entire organization. If you have the rights to view the whole organization you can filter the results by clicking on the entire organization you choose a specific team or group of teams. If you only have the rights to view you own team, the results will be filter on your team only.
  • Top: Default you view the top 5 consumers. You can choose to view the top 10 or top 15 by clicking top 5 and selecting top 10 or top 15.