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Managing availabilities

Define who is available when. A team member will only be planned for the available amount of hours (except if you’re doing a capacity unconstrained analysis). Sharing team members with other teams is also managed via the availabilities, but this is discussed seperately

The availability basics

Each row in the availability table represents a team member. The left part indicates the default availabilities and the right part the availability exceptions.

Default availabilities (Left part)

Default availabilities refer to a team member’s availability per week unless overruled by an availability exception.

The availabilities

From left to right you see a team members:

- Working regime (WR) is the amount of time a team member works for the organization as specified in the HR-contract expressed in FTE (full time WR= 1 FTE). WR is not editable here, to edit the working regime, go to the team members information.

- Plannable percentage specifies the percentage of time Binocs work can be planned per week for each team member, since not all work peformed by team members is planned in Binocs (e.g. weekly meetings, daily fixed work, …). Editable, by clicking the P% field and entering a value.

- Gross availability is the amount of time the team member works for the team (equals the working regime if team member is not shared with other teams). Editable, by clicking the gross availability field and entering a value.

- Net availability is P% and gross availability multiplied (automatically). The amount of FTE the team member can be planned in Binocs per week.

Availability exceptions (Right part)

By setting weekly availability exceptions (e.g. holidays, trainings, sick leave, …) the default availability is overruled for that week. In the example below Michael Jordan is on holiday for the two indicated weeks.

Availability exceptions

  • Greyed out columns indicate that there’s no exception. The gross availability is shown.

  • Non grey columns indicate that the weekly availability overrules the default availability (=exception).

Tips and Tricks

Get a visual overview

  • Click the Analyze availability link to get a visual team availability overview

Click the Analyze availability link

  • A visual overview per week (with exceptions and non plannable availability) is shown

Visual overview