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Sharing team members between teams

In a flexible organization team leaders can decide to exchange team members to solve capacity issues in periods of peak demand. They can opt to do this for a specific period of time or on a weekly basis. The team leader decides how much time each team member can work for the other team.

Sharing team members/removing shared team members

click the arrow icon

When in availabilities:

  1. Click share team members and select the team member you want to share from the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the team member you want to share
  3. Select the receiving team from the dropdown menu and click share.

Define the shared time and period

  1. Click the shared team member (indicated with the arrow icon) to view a second availability line.

    - Share the team member per default, set the default gross availability and the team member can be planned in the receiving team on a weekly basis.

    - Share for a specific period, set weekly gross availability for the weeks in that period. Do not change the default gross availability!

    Remark: when setting the gross availability for the receiving team, make sure the working regime is not exceeded (e.g. if WR=0.8 the gross availability for team A=0.3; gross availability for team B=0.5).

  2. In the receiving team, the shared team member appears at the bottom of the list, where the team leader can adjust the plannable percentage. The gross availability is not editable in the receiving team.

  3. Don’t forget to set the competences for the shared team member in the competence matrix of the receiving team.

  4. Done! The team member will be planned in both teams according to the assigned time.