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Managing Team members

Define who’s working in a team. The team members are the people that report to the leader of this team.

Team member basics

The team member list

The team member list shows for each team member from left to right:

  • Status Only if the team member is active (=all fields filled in) competences and availabilities can be assigned for this team member.

  • First & last name

  • Code (=unique identifier). Tip: if a team member has a code in another system, it’s advised to use the same code for easy cross referencing

  • Working regime, working hours per week for the organization as specified in the HR-contract in FTE (default FTE=1).

Click a team member to modify the team members details.

Team member detail

Create a new team member

  • Click create team member and fill out the details.

  • That’s it! Now you can set up the competences and availabilities for this team member.

Remark: if you don’t fill out all fields, you can still do this later on. In the list of team members you will see the non-complete team members indicated with a red status icon.

Remove team members

By clicking on the trash can (in list of team members or on the delete button in the team member’s detail). The competences and availabilities of this team member are removed as well. You can’t view the team member anymore.