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Adding and removing demand channels

Demand can exist in different shapes and forms and can come from various sources within or outside the organization. In Binocs demand is grouped in demand channels. A demand channel is managed by one or more demand managers.

Adding a demand channel

  1. Click demand in the Binocs menu which will bring you to the latest demand channel tree you were in. If it’s your first time in demand, you will see the demand channel list immediately.

  2. Click channels to go the demand channel list.

click channels to go back to the demand channel list

  1. Click create new demand channel.

  2. Name it! and hit enter or click create.

  3. Go to channel demand tree by clicking on the created demand channel.

  4. Now you’re ready to work! Administrators and demand managers can start adding demand in the demand channel.

Remark: Only administrators can add demand channels.

Learn more about adding folders, adding demand and adding milestones.

Removing demand channel

If you want a demand channel removed entirely, you can delete it.

  1. Click Channels to go back to the demand channel overview screen.

  2. Click on the trash can icon next to the demand channel you like to remove and select delete demand channel x. Only administrators will have this option.

  3. That’s it! All underlying demand folders, items and milestones of the demand channel, are deleted as well.