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Create a template from an existing demand folder or channel

Use templates for demand you use over and over, so you don’t need to start from scratch each time! Think about project templates to encourage project managers to use the same structure or groups of demand lines such as testplans. Using templates standardises the way you work and it makes demand creation much faster!

  1. Select the source demand folder (or channel) from which you want to create your template in the demand channel tree.

  2. Click more, click create template from folder.

How to create a template from a folder?

  1. Name it! and optionally give it a short description to help you (and others) know what it contains afterwards.

  2. Share it! (optional) so others can use your template as well. If not shared you’re the only one who can see and use the template.

Name and share your demand templates

Good practice: The requested start and end dates are stored in the templates as well. This is particularly handy if the length of the time frames are standard. When using the templates users can move all demand in the template on the time axis to match to their specific dates but the time differences will be kept.

Check out how you can add demand quickly by using templates.