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Searching demand

You can search specific demand items via the demand search. You have default search options but you can also search on keywords. To do this:

  1. Click the demand search box to see the default search options (list of all demand items I contribute to, all late or all on time demand items).

  2. Optionally fill in a keyword which will reveal extra search options (demand for services or demand for team).

  3. Click the search option you want to perform in the dropdown.

  4. Behold the results as a flat list of demand items (=the search result list).

Remark: hitting enter after typing a keyword will search for all demand items containing the keyword.

search-demand Searching demand is powerful

Sort the search result list

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to sorted by:
  2. Select another sort field

Filter the search result list

  1. Click all demand channels and select a specific demand channel for which you want the results.
  2. Click all statuses and select the status of demand items for which you want the results.
  3. Click tracking (or no tracking) to list all items requiring follow up (or forecast items). Click tracking and select no tracking in the dropdown list, if you like to change the list of items.

Changing demand details directly in the search result list

Select a demand item in the result list and change its parameters in the demand detail, just as if you were in the demand tree.

Go to a specific demand item in the demand tree from the search list

Click the link displayed in the demand item to go to this demand item in the demand tree.