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Add demand

Create a demand line in a demand folder or channel

Request services from teams (standard work or expertise) within a certain time frame by adding demand items in a demand channel.

  1. Select the demand folder in which you want to add a demand line.

  2. Click add item, or hit enter. A new demand line is added and selected. The details of the new line can be edited in the demand detail pane at the right.

    Tip: notice the automatically created unique identifier at the top left. This can come in handy when talking about it to others.

  3. Click request service or reserve time in the detail pane at the right and choose the service you want to request form the list. Optionally you can add a description to your demand item.

  4. Fill in the quantity and optionally change the unit.

  5. Assign a team member (optional). You can assign a competent or other member. When assigning another member, Binocs will warn you that the member is not competent to perform the service. Click do you want to fix this? to go directly to the competence matrix and give the member the competence to perform the service.

  6. Select requested start and requested end by clicking on start date or end date to specify the timeframe where in the demanded service(s) should be executed.

  7. That’s it! The demand item is ready to be planned as shown by the status of the demand item (hover over the green icon).

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