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Add folders to organize your demand

Binocs lets you organize your demand items into folders (and folders in folders). You can group your demand in folders any way you please (per time period, per phase, per product, per team … you name it). Afterwards drag and drop makes it really easy to get organised quickly.

Structure demand in folders

  1. Select the demand channel (or folder) where you want to add a demand folder.

  2. Click add folder, or hit shift+enter. A new demand folder is added and selected. The details of the new folder can be edited in the demand detail pane at the right.

  3. Name it by entering the description.

  4. Click add item, or hit enter to add demand items in the folder.

  5. That’s it! Notice that the requested start and end date of the folder are rolled up (minimum and maximum date from all demand lines in the folder).

Tip: to reorganize your demand you can drag and drop folders.

But there are some extra’s! Learn more about: