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Understanding demand statuses

Each demand item has a specific demand status displayed by the status icon in the demand tree and the status and icon in the demand detail.

Automatic demand status changes

By default each demand item is in editing. As long as not all of the following are specified, this is the only state possible:

  • Service and team
  • Quantity
  • Requested dates

Once filled in the status changes automatically to ready to be planned.

Manually changing the demand status

  1. Select the demand item in the demand tree.
  2. Click the status in the demand detail. A dropdown with possible statuses is shown.
    • Draft: not sure about the configured information, put the demand in draft. This gives you or other Binocs users an indication that there’s something to review/complete.
    • Cancelled: the demand doesn’t have to be executed or planned anymore.
    • Done: the demand is executed and will not be planned anymore.
  3. Choose the status from the dropdown menu.