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Creating an expertise service

Expertise is a type of service delivered by teams. Demand managers can request a specific expertise for a certain amount of time or for a certain period.

  1. Click create expertise. The service detail is shown where you can configure.

  2. Optionally choose your own code, Binocs proposes a code (=unique identifier), but the code can be overwritten.
    1. If the service exists in another system it’s advised to use the same codes for easy cross referencing.
    2. Tip: if you can choose, human readable codes are easier to understand & remember.
  3. Give the expertise a description. Think about the demand managers who need to understand what the expertise is about! So don’t be afraid to put too much information in the description.

  4. Assign team(s). By assigning a team the expertise will become part of the team service catalog. This means:
    1. Demand managers can request this expertise from the assigned team.
    2. The service will appear in the competence matrix of the assigned team.
  5. That’s it! Demand managers can now request hours, days or FTE of this expertise.

Noticed the status of the expertise? Learn what the service status means.

Add tag to service

  1. Click add tag
  2. Choose one of the suggested tags in the dropdown list or enter a few letters to get a dropdown list with a more narrow selection of tags. If the tag you like to add doesn’t exist yet, create a new tag by entering a name and selecting the tag type in which you like to add the new tag.

Tip: when entering the tag name, check in the dropdown list if the tag is already created.

Remark: Per tag type you can only add 1 tag. New tags can only be added to open tag types. When no new tags are allowed, choose a tag from the predefined tag list.

You like to create a new tag type within service tag type? Learn here how to add tag types.