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Searching services

You can list specific services using the search feature. You can search for a service description, code or team.

  1. Click the service search box 
  2. Enter a few letters of the service, code or team. A dropdown list with suggested services, codes or teams will appear.
  3. Select the service, code or team you are looking for in the dropdown list.
  4. Behold the results as a flat list of services (=the search result list)

Remark 1: hitting enter after typing a keyword will search for all services containing the keyword.

Remark 2: If you search service by team you must select the team in the dropdown list. If you hit enter after entering the team, no services will be listed!

Filter the search result list

  1. Click any state and select a specific state of service for which you want to see the result list: in editing, draft, obsolute or active.
  2. Click all units and select the units for which you want to see the result list.
  3. Click all service types and select the service type for which you want to see the result list: standard work or expertise.