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Managing and viewing services

As a team leader, you maintain a list of services your team is able to perform. Demand managers will use this list when they create demand.

In some cases you’ll be able to define such services quite accurately. For example “Set-up an R&D experiment of type X”, “Execute analytical test Y” or “Perform batch record review for product Z”. This is called standard work because of the way it is executed, the amount of work and the duration is quite constant.

In other cases services cannot be standardized. The amount of work and the duration can vary depending on what is demanded. So as a team leader I’ll have to agree with the demand manager on the amount of work and the duration for each individual demand. In Binocs this is called expertise service.

Exploring the services

  1. Click service catalog in the BINOCS menu.

  2. Click service description (code or team) to see the details in the service detail.

    Tip: browse through the service catalog by clicking previous, next or specific page number below the service catalog. You can also filter services to list only the services that you want to work with

User rights for services

Users can have view and edit rights for services:

  1. Right to view services for one or more teams.

  2. Right to edit services for one or more teams.

Ask your BINOCS administrator to assign your appropriate rights.